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Obesity and weight gain are the threatening monsters of the modern lifestyle. People today want to be lean and healthy. They try to control their weight in all possible ways. They practice special exercises. They attend gymnastic classes. They take medicines for reducing their fat and weight. They spend money to make their body lean. Here are some easy and inexpensive tips to help you keep your body lean and healthy.
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If science does not lie, then being overweight is really unhealthy, expensive and it is a rapidly growing health issue. The World Health Organization (WHO) statistics from 2007 states that 67.4% of Australian adults are overwight. Being obese puts a person at a higher possibility of developing many health problems. Some of the dangers of being overweight are listed below:
Published by Danny Duric 62 months ago in Obesity | +1 votes | 0 comments
A recent report on the issue of the continuing trend of an increasing number of the western world’s population gaining weight at an alarming rate has led to a call for the introduction of a weight-neutral language, or as it should be classed by the latest offering of the PC brigade a reduction in identifying people by words such as fat or overweight.
Published by John Smither 63 months ago in Obesity | +29 votes | 5 comments
Abdominal fat has become the order of the day. Men are more affected by this phenomenon. Women who have a decline in their estrogen levels during menopause, also store belly fat at that stage. Before that they tend to store fat in the hips and thighs. Modern lifestyle is mostly responsible for the development of belly fat. Instead of going in for fancy diets, it would be better to make the right choices while eating.
Published by Vangeepuram Satakopan 64 months ago in Obesity | +0 votes | 0 comments
Obesity in children is very dangerous not only to the children but also to the future of the society. It is very important for the survival of humanity. Think of a healthier world by trimming the fat in your children’s food and improve their physical activities in their entertainments and lifestyle.
Published by mr. jo 64 months ago in Obesity | +3 votes | 0 comments
Do you struggle to lose weight while your slimmer friends seem to find it easy to do so? If this is the case, it is likely that you feel unhappy and confused. Other people may have labeled you as greedy or lazy, when they have no idea how hard you find it to be thin like they are. New findings have helped to shed light on a possible reason why you find it so tough to change your body size.
Published by B W1 65 months ago in Obesity | +3 votes | 1 comments
This article has been written in response to a question that was submitted asking ‘How to reduce obesity in small children?’ As an article already existed containing that exact title I decided to look at childhood obesity in general and not just those of the younger age group. While it is important to correct or halt any tendencies towards obesity at an early age the guidelines are similar throughout the years of childhood.
Published by John Smither 65 months ago in Obesity | +9 votes | 2 comments
Obesity rates in adults and children have been on a steady rise for decades.Despite the warnings about the associated health risks and long-term consequences of childhood obesity parents are still in denial. Parents are slowly killing their children by providing an environment that supports obesity.It is time for parents to stop living in denial and face the uncomfortable facts of the causes of childhood obesity. It is time for parents to stop living in denial and face the uncomfortable facts of...
Published by Andrea Turman 65 months ago in Obesity | +0 votes | 0 comments
People try all sorts of methods to lose weight. Increased physical activity and /or, dieting are resorted to. The extent to which these methods work depends on the dedication involved. However, things are upset by hormonal changes which fight loss of weight. The major hormone involved is ghrelin which stimulates appetite. However, recent studies indicate that weight loss surgery may help obese people in a better way.
Published by Vangeepuram Satakopan 65 months ago in Obesity | +1 votes | 0 comments
Health of an individual depends upon a lot of aspects, like physical activity, heredity, genetics, medicines/drugs, oily foods, foods with high fat content, low Omega-3 fatty acid in food, stress, improper digestion of food, bad eating habits, after a person quits smoking, pregnancy and childbirth, hormonal changes, hypothyroidism, retired wrestlers (who quit exercising abruptly) and certain other factors.
Published by Shweta Bose 66 months ago in Obesity | +1 votes | 0 comments
Obesity is on the increase throughout the world. Inactivity and overeating are the main causes for obesity. When body weight increases it is mainly due to fat accumulation. Most of the fat accumulated finds residence in the abdominal area. It is this fat which is difficult to get rid of. people do try, but human body is reluctant to give up fat which it has accumulated. Hormones are responsible for this problem.
Published by Vangeepuram Satakopan 66 months ago in Obesity | +2 votes | 1 comments
As the 21st century moves on, the people are becoming progressively larger. Were is this happening, and how can it be prevented? This articles takes in depth looks at regions of obesity throughout the world, and explains why this is happening. It also explains the diseases that can be caused, and how to prevent obesity.
Published by Tevin Brown 66 months ago in Obesity | +0 votes | 1 comments
In today's society one may easily put the blame on environmental factor for why children are obese. However, do genes also play a major role in how a person's physical appearance is affected? The argument is do genes influence obesity more than the environment or is society finding an excuse for increasing amount of obese children in America?
Published by Cassandra Hernandez 66 months ago in Obesity | +1 votes | 3 comments
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